Wealth Management

What is Wealth Managment?

Wealth Managment

What is Wealth Management? 

A holistic financial plan that considers all aspects of your life will keep you from getting caught in the cycle of investment regret. A financial plan allows you to make investment choices that are focused and geared to achieving specific objectives. With this in mind, we put your money to work by investing rather than “speculating”.

A long-term plan therefore allows you to invest your money over an extended time period, giving you a chance to see through the highs and lows of the investment waves, maximising rewards and minimising risk even reversing the cycle of regret by selling high and buying low. A plan allows you to take calculated risks and reap the benefits of them when possible or reduce /eliminate risks when you need to.

At Duke Godley, we strive to provide clarity, guidance and a trusted relationship, and this is especially important when we’re talking to people about investing their money. Our team will work with you to understand your risk appetite, your short-term and long-term goals and your ability to financially cope with market movements to design an investment strategy that will meet your financial goals and aspirations.

We often hear from our clients that trust is the most important aspect of their relationship with the Duke Godley team and our yearly review service is invaluable.

We encourage our clients to invest in an ISA on a regular basis as an ISA is a tax-free saving account. In the UK every tax year, you can save or invest money up to a certain amount without paying tax on your returns. Currently, Your ISA allowance for this tax year is £20,000. The tax year runs from the 6th April to the 5th April the following year.

There are two main types of ISA; a cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA, but there are also some specialist ISAs to choose from. Which ISA you go for will depend on your individual circumstances; something we will work through with you.

*Markets do fluctuate, and investments can sometimes carry some risk. However, we’d like to assure you that we will not risk your hard-earned money on any investment that we have not discussed with you or are uncomfortable with.

There is a growing recognition that considering environmental and social criteria when making investment decisions can lead to more sustainable long-term returns. Value will only be derived through investments in socially responsible companies. It is essentially choosing investments based on social good as well as financial gain. Socially responsible investors aim to invest in companies that do business in positive and responsible ways.

But we also know that we are at the top of our game when it comes to the latest financial information, market trends and regulations. Moreover, with our years of experience in the field, we’ve learned how to find creative solutions to complex situations and we’ll tailor our approach to your unique circumstances.

Give us a call on 020 8515 1200 or email us if you’d like to discuss how we can help with your investment strategy,
whether it’s for you personally or your business.

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