The latest news, views and industry insights
from the Duke Godley team


The latest news, views and industry insights
from the Duke Godley team

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The Impact of COVID

The impact of Covid-19 on your long-term financial planning…

If we’ve learned anything from the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s that life is unpredictable… to say the least. Even just six …

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Budget 2020

The Chancellor’s Shake-Up

Rishi Sunak was going to present the much-awaited autumn budget; however, it has now been postponed due to circumstances beyond …

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Learn more about your State Pension & Retirement?

For some people, state pension would be the only income at retirement and for others, it would be an addition to the workplace pension or private pension.

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generous family

Too generous by half?

Younger family members are increasingly supported by generous grandparents, but intergenerational gifting needs to take potential benefits, and pitfalls, into account.

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Lessons from five years of pension flexibility

It’s been five years since pension holders were given the free-dom to draw directly from certain pension savings. What have we learned that can help those about to embark on their own retirement journey?

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Overcoming the gender pay gap

Overcoming the gender pensions gap

Women are saving more than ever into pensions, but they still lag behind men in retirement savings. The good news is that the proportion of women who are now saving for their retirement has increased, along with their level of contributions,

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