coronavirus impact on investments

With the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we know it's a tough time.

We at Duke Godley are sure you have noticed the increased pressure the coronavirus outbreak is putting on the global financial markets. We are getting a lot of questions at the moment for what this means for you and your investments.

Big shifts in the stock market are often the only time people pay attention to what is going on in the financial markets. Investors and firms alike are responding to the ongoing pandemic and its impact on future economic growth.

It’s true that while we still have a lot to learn about the extent of the outbreak and its duration, its initial volatile effects are becoming clearer. However, we should remember that it is vital we do not generalise any potential for unexpected results from epidemics like the coronavirus on economies and markets.

Business Insider have some advice you may find helpful if you are worried about your investments. The team at Duke Godley are also on hand to help to put your mind at ease. If your goals haven’t changed, your portfolio shouldn’t either.

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